Case Study - Lattimer Homes

Below is a quick summery of how we worked with one of our clients to produce exactly what they needed for their new build home.


  • In this study they key ways in which our services benefited the client were:
  • Helped them win planning permission.
  • Saved them money in the design and revision process.
  • Provided them with realistic, accurate images to show their buyer.
  • One on one customer service to insure they got exactly what they wanted.


The Problem:

Lattimer Homes came to us with a problem; they had a client who wanted a new bungalow building and they wanted to see what the building would look like before committing. The local authority also needed to award planning permission before the build could proceed

The Process:

At this early stage, the only information available were a few sheets of hand drawn plans. The first step for AC-Visual was to scan everything in and digitise it, making sure everything was straight and to scale. We could then import these digital 2D files into our 3D software and begin to block out the basic 3D form of the building.

Once we’d blocked out the building, it was then time for detailing. Lattimer homes often uses natural local stone on their buildings, so it was important to them that the visuals gave a realistic impression of the stone work and natural slate roof. As such, it was important that we found the best possible matches for the materials. Once found, we produced a test render to make sure the client was happy. 

Once everything was agreed and a few adjustments made, the final detailing could be added and it was ready for render. We first produced a half resolution copy just to make sure the client was happy with our presentation style then quickly proceeded to the full resolution, which in this case was enough for full A3 print as this was what they required for use in their presentations.

The Result:

Lattimer Homes were very happy with the final images we produced which included the above three-quarter view, a front view and a cut away floor plan view. Their client was in turn very happy to be able to clearly see the finished result and had further design input based on our renders. Not long afterwards, the building was granted planning permission and Lattimer Homes succeeded in building another high quality property.