Once the design is complete we use our expert architectural standard 3D visualisation technology to render up competition beating 3D visuals of our climbing wall from multiple angles to ensure every feature is shown off to its maximum potential, as well as a top-down plan view of the wall. 

During this process we can also look at finishing design elements such as volumes, and climbing wall paint scheme, this can be either a generic one chosen ourselves or a custom scheme of our own design.
Once completed we'll also provide you with a full break down of the wall's specification, including:


  • Surface types
  • Surface area in m2
  • Maximum overhang
  • Maximum slab
  • Number of roped lines
  • Number of holds required
  • Matting surface areas in m2


So you're able to budget for construction. We'll also then provide on request a 3D DWG file of the wall's shape to be used as a basis for engineering.